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Canadian Pathways Programs

Students who wish to study in Canada may first attend a prerequisite or preparatory language program to prepare themselves for the conditions of their main study program in higher education.

This is called a #PathwayProgram. It is design to level your capacity prior to entering the college or University of your interest.

Currently there are two main routes to comply with the academic requirements for enrollment to a mayor college or University in Canada for international students:

  1. Standard, when a student enrolls in a traditional language course and takes the TOEFL or IELTS to prove proove his/her eligibility for enrollment.

  2. Pathway, which is when a student enrolls in a English Pathway course from a trusted Language school in Canada that has a pre establish agreement with higher education institution that allows you to be conditionally accepted once you successfully finish the language course.

With both option, you will the be provided with a Letter of Acceptance of the college or university of your interest and depending on your current status in Canada you may need to apply or extend your student work permit.





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