Higher Education Counseling

Choosing to study College in Canada is one of the best options for the international students. Even though many of us would like to enroll in a University, studying college might be that best place to start as it becomes a bridge to your success and serves the purpose of your immigration goals. 

In Canada, each province and territory is in charge of their own education system, however, in the college education system the quality and standards are the same through the territory. This is particularly important to understand as when we look for a college the main thing to think about is where do you plan to live when you are a student and maybe even after you graduate from your program. 

Through our Academic Advisors we may help you find the right school where you want to study, we will provide you with a check list of all the documents you need to successfully enroll in them and details about:

  • the cost to apply

  • tuition fees

  • health insurance

  • accommodation option

  • language assessment tests you may require to get admitted

  • language schools pathways that may be help you enroll faster.


Once we apply and register to your school of choice, whether this is in college pr language school, they will provide us acceptance letter that you will need to apply or extend your study permit.

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Study permit included when you register through LC mundo.

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