About us

We are a business organization created for international students motivated by improving and changing the way we search and compare abroad education programs and institutions combined with International Academic Advisors that provide relevant and hands on counseling about this experience online or in retail branches.

Company Overview:

LC mundo, known before as Language Connections, is a Canadian based company that was founded in 2006 by Leonardo Marsicobetre and Astrid Villarroel during the time they were College students in Toronto. Their goal was to help other latin american students in finding the right language school in Canada.

After a few years in this process they began organizing education fairs known today as Expo Mundo LC and setting up branches of counselor that had gone through this experience and returned to their home countries in Venezuela. However, the demand for studying College in Canada grew and the immigration policies for international students changed for the best as well, which lead to back then Language Connections to change its name to LC mundo and expand their offer by adding four types of courses in programs:

  • Languages

  • Summer camps

  • High School 

  • Higher Education


Today LC mundo is one of the most recognized international education provider and have programs offered to more than 21 countries with branches in Canada. Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela.

LC Toronto is their main branch in Canada and its focus of operations is the promotion of Higher Education in Canada and language schools for international students who are currently in canadian grounds. If you are a Canadian student we offer language courses abroad. 

Our counseling and services are FREE of charge, as long as the registration process is through our organization. All tuition fees in language schools ar up to 30% cheaper when registered through LC mundo. 

If you represent a College or University, language school or High School in Canada and would like to be added to our institutions in Canada, please a contact us today.

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